"It's up to you to create your future." ~ Brenda

Who is Brenda

Brenda is the Founder of the Life Released Blog. She is a certified Holistic Nutritionist and a Healthcare professional.

From an early age, Brenda wanted to break away from the conventional way of thinking based on her traditional catholic Hispanic background but found it difficult to make strong connections around her or find her true place in society. Feeling like an outcast, she conformed to her surroundings and forced herself to find happiness in materialism. This way of thinking caused frustration and hopelessness. She earned a bachelor of science in nursing and began working for multiple hospitals around southern California. Still, there was a calling in her to do more. While traveling through south America, Brenda was able to meet revolutionary spiritual leaders and healers who opened her eyes to enlightenment. This new awareness inspired Brenda to share her journey of taking back her life. Being a nurse, Brenda has cared for people battling devastating illnesses. Her understanding of how fragile life can be was the motivating force behind the creation of Life Released. There is a connection between the soul, mind, and body and ensuring every realm is in harmony with each other to create thriving overall health is Brenda’s mission. 

My Purpose

The motivating force in my life has been the need to seek knowledge that can only be discovered from within. From the time I was a young girl, I knew there was a deeper meaning to life.  Having spent several years trying to “fit in” with the masses and putting energy into goals and dreams that weren’t mine created a false sense of who I was on the inside and outside. What is more, these ambitions were placed upon me by external factors. All the while being in denial that this was what I wanted in life. I wanted something different and I wanted to feel good about my life and proud of the work I did. So I spent a considerable amount of time diving deep into the unknown and studying the work of masters in their respective fields. From motivational speakers to religious leaders, to gurus and shamans, I gleaned their wisdom to formulate the keys to living my best life. It is now my calling to pass on this new understanding to you and is why Life Released was created, to show how even when times are heavy, we can create our bliss and have a new lease on life. 

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