Death Anxiety

Death anxiety is the panic one feels when the idea about their own death or the death of a loved one becomes realized. Death anxiety is a normal response when thinking about mortality. However, it can become overwhelming when rumination about the topic becomes excessive and fear begins to manifest as emotional or physical symptoms.


Fears people fear


Fear of separation from friends and family

Fear of dealing with loss of a loved one

Fear of leaving loved ones behind

Fear of leaving unfinished business

Fear of the unknown



Wearing masks outdoors, Face Mask Reduce Allergy Symptoms. Outdoor portrait of woman in protective

Symptoms can manifest as

Avoidance of situations/isolation (cancelling plans)

Feeling unwell

Physical pain (Headache, stomach pain)

Panic attack symptoms (impending doom)





Age (Older people become self-aware of their own mortality)

Sex (Females are higher risk)


Panic Disorders

Close personal loss of a loved one



Exposure therapy (face fears)

Talk about it, not dwell on it

Live in one’s truth (Living life harmoniously)

Relaxation techniques

Prepare for death (Advanced life directive, organize finances)


Ideas to think about

Death begins with birth. What we do in the middle dictates your idea of death.

Near death experience (people do not fear death after, they welcome it).

We want to hold on to the material.

Our body matter, our conscious is energy (can energy be created or destroyed?).

Our soul is the link between this reality and our heavenly body (where inspiration comes from). 

Don’t hold on to something so firmly (material) it has power over your true self (soul).

Thoughts create feelings, create positive thoughts about the idea of death.


Let all things flow naturally (including the process of life and death no matter how painful). 

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