Enlightenment In Joshua Tree

Blooming Joshua Trees (Yucca Brevifolia)

Enlightenment in Joshua Tree


Everything I’ve discovered about becoming a whole person in this lifetime, I’ve learned by spending time in nature, by myself, in complete silence. 


Verywellmind.com, a site dedicated to mental health, describes the top benefits of spending time alone. Benefits include strengthening one’s empathy, improves memory, creates a space for creativity, and encourages one to embrace an aspiration. I recently experienced this epiphany myself while spending a weekend alone in the desert. So when I came across an article explaining the value of spending time alone, I was happy to find a resource to substantiate my new awareness.








Man thinking in the outdoors - tiny people big world

Takeaways from my trip:


– If you’re unsure, plan. I booked a cheap hotel just in case plan A didn’t work out.

– Have trust in your ability to handle adverse situations.

– Have a mindset that you want to be out of your comfort zone.

– It is ok to be scared, but proceed anyway with proper caution.

– The ability to learn about your place in the universe is in nature.

– When you can do something new alone without feeling judged, you grow.


I want to challenge everyone reading this blog to do something outside their comfort zone. Take a trip alone, talk to a person you’ve been avoiding, apply for that position you have been putting off. I need you to take a chance and dive into the unknown. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Also, if you want to watch me spending a weekend in Joshua Tree alone, head over to my YouTube channel. I enjoy the outdoors while tapping into the magical ether that surrounds us.

Watch my video on YouTube titled “Doing Things Alone”, and share places you have been to alone.

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Brenda is a holistic health expert that draws from personal experience. She knows firsthand the power of a holistic approach because it helped save his own health! Learn more about her here.

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