Times of Uncertainty

Let us be proactive and not reactive during times of uncertainty. When faced with a challenge, consider all current information and current immediate needs first before implementing the plan of action. Thinking very far ahead creates anxiety and feelings of scarcity. 

What We Can Do
Maintain life as normal as possible in times of abnormal conditions. Just as the Sun will continue to rise and bring a new morning, our task should be to continue to care for our family, help our community, and be an example to others who feel afraid of the unknown. 

How We Can Do It
Call friends and family on the phone that are alone during difficult times. Isolation can be detrimental to the psyche of individuals who are used to interacting with others. Continue to donate to charities and other organizations in need. Organizations that help the community such as food and blood banks can be overlooked in times of crisis and it is when they need help the most. Offer more of your time if possible at your place of employment. Crisis can affect businesses in different ways. Offer extra support to ensure the sustainability of the business. 

Our community, as well as the entire planet for that matter, requires that we work together during times of uncertainty. Actions that promote safety and security for all is greater than only thinking about oneself. We may have different views and backgrounds but we are not strangers, we are the same human race. We have the same wants and needs to be happy and healthy. If there are feeling of uneasiness, we all feel it. Let help each other get through it.

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