Sedona Sky

Sedona captured my heart from the moment I stepped foot on the rich red earth. The area is known for its healing powers with a breathtaking landscape. Many travelers come to Sedona to experience a transformational journey. The scattered vortexes in the area are known to bring healing and clarity for those you seek it. The contrast between the green plant life and the red rock creates a scenery that could be a backdrop for a sci-fi extraterrestrial movie. Being out of this world is not a new concept for the area as it is said Sedona was known for interdimensional portals, capable of taking me to a different plane of existence. 

Infinite Sky of Sedona    

When I first arrived in Sedona, I felt I was coming home. Maybe it was the fresh air and the tranquil environment. Or maybe it was the way I was mesmerized by the night sky that flickered with an endless amount of stars. I felt connected to the divine. It is easy to not believe in the supernatural. When you observe the numerous luminous speckles scattered to infinite, you realize there is nothing less natural about our existence. Since early recorded history, it has been an ambition for humanity to search and find life outside our planet. So far, scientists and the like have not been able to determine if life lives outside our planet. I’ve often gazed into the night sky and hoped to catch a glimpse of an unearthly object flying across the sky. Looking at a Sedona night sky had the same effect on me as deep mediation or spending an evening with someone you love. I felt love and gratitude for the opportunity I am given every single day. I appreciate everything the mystery of the universe was sending my way. This experience put many things into perspective for me. I had a profound awareness of my place in the universe. I wasn’t afraid. My existence made sense to me, and I knew everything is going to be ok.     

After effects

I still have my struggles in life, but I tend to cope with them a lot differently these days. Focusing on the negative all the time doesn’t have to be my normal practice. I am choosing to look towards the positive in a situation. How cliché to say always look on the bright side, but it has changed my perspective on life. Sometimes it is difficult to focus on the good when all that seems to be happening is bad. I wake up every morning to be more forgiving, less judgmental, and more accepting of what is good. I remember how the night sky of Sedona showed me how small we are in the universe and how this all isn’t just coincidence that we are here. I don’t need to make my problems the center of the universe because there is so much more good to focus on. Life will continue to happen, in good times or bad, but we have the power to shift our perception and focus on what is good for us and what serves us best. 

What Did I learn

We are alive for a reason. Let us not waste this precious gift we were given. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or worried about what other people might think of you. Don’t give anyone else your power. You are in control of your life. All it takes is for you to believe in yourself. Travel more, meet new people, read more, talk more to your elders. Keep improving and don’t ever lose your curiosity. Walk this planet every day as if it were your first day alive, full of wonder and excitement for what is next. Live your life with purpose.   

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